Evagrius identified seven logismoi (“fatal opinion”) plus a keen overarching consider the guy titled “passion for mind”

Evagrius identified seven logismoi (“fatal opinion”) plus a keen overarching consider the guy titled “passion for mind”

The fresh Enneagram out of Identification (or simply just the new Enneagram, in the Greek terms and conditions ennea [nine] and you will grammos [one thing composed otherwise taken]) was a model of human identity which is principally utilized while the a great typology off 9 interrelated identity brands. Principally created by identification brands (either also known as “enneatypes”), that are represented from the issues out-of a geometric figure called a keen enneagram , [1] that can suggests a few of the contacts involving the systems. And there is some other universities of believe among Enneagram theorists in the some aspects of how it is knew, its translation isn’t necessarily good otherwise uniform. [1]

The fresh new Enneagram off Character is not an effective typology that is commonly trained otherwise researched in informative mindset. This has been extensively advertised in both providers management and you may spiritual contexts as a result of seminars, group meetings, courses, journals and you may Cds. [2] [3] Running a business contexts it is fundamentally put once the a beneficial typology in order to acquire knowledge to your place of work personality; into the spirituality it is more commonly showed since the a route to highest says to be, essence and you will [2] however, could have been criticized as being subject to interpretation, so it is tough to try otherwise validate scientifically. [4]


The origins and historical development of the Enneagram of Personality are matters of dispute. Wiltse and Palmer [5] have suggested that similar ideas to the Enneagram of Personality are found in the work of Evagrius Ponticus , a Christian mystic who lived in 4th century Alexandria. Evagrius wrote, “The first thought of all is that of love of self (philautia); after this, [come] the eight.” Cite error: Invalid tag; invalid names, e.g. too many In addition to identifying eight deadly thoughts, Evagrius also identified eight “remedies” to these thoughts. [5]

[ticket requisite] The guy failed to, but not, develop the new nine identification brands with the Enneagram. [ticket needed] of contemporary Enneagram of Character. Ichazo’s “Enneagon away from Pride Fixations”, and many other dimensions of identification mapped toward the latest enneagram figure, models the cornerstone of one’s Enneagram of Character. Bolivian-born Ichazo began training software of care about-growth in the brand new 1950s. His training, he phone calls ” [1] and you can coined the term “Enneagram out-of Character”. [2]

[violation necessary] Certainly one of Naranjo’s early students there are also different understandings out-of Enneagram concept. [1] Numerous most other experts, including Enneagram shape

enneagram figure is commonly comprising around three pieces; a circle, an inner triangle (linking 3-6-9) and you may an uneven hexagonal “periodic shape” (linking step 1-4-2-8-5-7). According to mystical religious living, [6] brand new network presents unity, the internal triangle symbolizes the brand new “laws off three” and also the hexagon signifies the new “rules away from eight” (as the step 1-4-2-8-5-7-1 is the continual decimal produced by dividing that by seven for the foot 10 arithmetic [7] ). These types of about three aspects form brand new enneagram figure. [8]

9 sizes

This new dining table less than gives the dominating features of your own nine designs due to their first dating. Which table will be based upon Understanding the Enneagram: The latest Important Guide to Identity Systems (modified release) by Don Richard Riso and you can Russ Hudson . [9] Other theorists can get differ on the specific points. New versions are usually referred to by the its quantity, but either its “attribute jobs” (and this means special [10] ) are used alternatively. The fresh new “stress” and you can “security” items (sometimes also known as new “disintegration” and you can “integration” points) is the items, linked from the traces of your own enneagram shape, that are considered dictate a member of even more unfavorable otherwise informal points. According to it theory, some one classed because the a one types of, such, may turn to think, end up being and you can work more like a several types of when stressed, or even more eg a beneficial Seven style of when informal.

Extremely, although not all the, Enneagram away from Personality theorists illustrate that another person’s basic sort of was altered, at the very least to some extent, of the character fictional character of these two adjoining items because indicated on the enneagram figure. These versions are called “wings”. A guy of one’s About three personality types of, such as for example, are know to possess affairs A couple and you may Five as their side sizes. sitio de citas bautista y soltero The community of your own enneagram contour may suggest that the items or facts can be found on the a spectrum in the place of because distinct versions or facts not related to people adjacent to her or him. [admission called for] A person tends to be realized, thus, having a core sort of and something otherwise a couple of side versions one influence but never change the center variety of. [11] [12]

Worry and you can safeguards facts

The lines between your affairs include further definition for the suggestions provided with the new descriptions of one’s products. Sometimes called the “security” and you may “stress” items, otherwise circumstances away from “integration” and you will “disintegration”, these types of linked situations in addition to donate to somebody’s complete personality. You will find, hence, at least four most other items that is significantly apply at a person’s key personality; the two points linked by outlines on the center form of and also the one or two wing affairs. [13] [14]

Instinctual subtypes

Each one of the identification models is usually know because the which have about three subtypes. This type of about three subtypes are believed to-be formed according to and this one of three instinctual vitality from a person is dominantly install and you will shown. Brand new instinctive powers usually are entitled “self-preservation”, “sexual” (also called “intimacy” otherwise “one-to-one”) and “social”. On the instinctive level, some one can get internally stress and you will on the exterior show the requirement to cover by themselves (self-preservation), in order to connect having essential anyone else or partners (sexual), or even go along otherwise flourish in groups (social). [15] Out of this angle, you will find twenty seven distinct personality habits, because individuals of each of your nine items plus go to town as one of the about three subtypes. [16] A choice method to the subtypes discusses them as the around three domains otherwise groups off intuition that lead to enhanced probability of survival (this new “preserving” domain), increased skill during the navigating the personal environment (this new “navigating” domain) and enhanced odds of reproductive achievements (the brand new “transmitting” domain). [17] Out of this understanding the subtypes reflect individual variations in the new exposure of them about three independent clusters out of instincts.

It is generally believed that anybody function in all three forms out-of instinctive efforts but this option constantly reigns over. Centered on certain theorists another gut could be really-setup and also the third have a tendency to markedly faster put up. [18]

Roman Catholic complaint

Inside 2000, the fresh new Joined States’ Committee toward Doctrine put good draft writeup on the brand new roots of the Enneagram to assist bishops within their analysis of the include in its dioceses. The declaration recognized aspects of the brand new intersection between your Enneagram and you can Catholicism and this, within their viewpoint, justified brand of scrutiny and you can was basically thought to be possible regions of question, proclaiming that “Once the enneagram system shares little having old-fashioned Religious doctrine or spirituality, in addition it offers little to the methods and you can standards of modern technology. The responsibility out of facts is found on proponents of your enneagram so you can present medical evidence due to their claims.” [19] Partially responding for some [20] [21]